Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools

Learn how to fly fish, or hone your skills, in just two days with experienced fly fishing instructors. Learning to fly fish with Orvis is fun and easy, and the Fly-Fishing Schools will teach you everything you need to know to embark on a lifetime of angling enjoyment, whether you plan to stalk brook trout in the Adirondacks, cutthroats in Montana, or sailfish off Baja.

Two classes are offered every April, May and June by Orvis stores around the country. The 101 class is a two-hour introduction to fly fishing. There is also a two-hour intermediate fly fishing classes, class 201. During the past four years our chapter has partnered with the Orvis store at Ridge Hill shopping center to provide volunteer fly casting instructors to the Orvis students. Each class starts around 10:00 am and wraps-up by noon.

You don't have to be a Lefty Kreh to volunteer and help. Some of the students might have fished at one time or another but many have never held a fishing rod. Our goals are very simple. First, we want to help each student with the correct grip. Second, we want to help each student with the proper stance. Third, we want to help develop the correct casting mechanics. If you can cast a fly line 30 feet, you can help. And keep in mind that you will always be paired with another volunteer from the chapter so you won't ever get stuck doing a class by yourself. ,

Why should you help? Two reasons. First, every graduate receives a complimentary, one-year TU membership courtesy of Orvis. Those graduates help strengthen our chapter. Second, Orvis Ridge Hill has provided generous support for our chapter. Volunteering is one way we can return the favor. Sign up today. The upcoming schools are listed below. Watch this space if none are listed!