Fly Fishing School

Contact Dick Scordato,, for more information.

For more than 20 years our chapter has offered fly fishing and tying classes to area anglers. Our instructors are among the most experienced fly fishers in the area. Most have been fly fishing our local waters for decades.

In 2017, the classes begin on Tuesday, March 21 and conclude on Tuesday, May 16. The classes, which run from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, are held at Horace Greeley High School, 70 Roaring Brook Road, Chappaqua, NY in conjunction with the Chappaqua School District Continuing Education program.

Tuition is $175. Sorry, we cannot accept students under 18.  Participants will need a NY State fishing license (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR LICENSE) and a DEP watershed permit (CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR PERMIT). Fly rods and reels will be available for the casting sessions. 

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Here is what you can expect from each class:

Fly Fishing Curriculum

  • Week 1— Equipment review, including: rods, reels, lines, leaders, vests and assorted paraphernalia
  • Week 2 — Insect identification—mayflies, midges, caddis flies and terrestrials
  • Week 3 — Baitfish imitations, stream reading and conservation
  • Week 4 — Short line nymphing and local streams
  • Week 5 — Knots and stream-side etiquette
  • Week 6 — Casting fundamentals and instruction
  • Week 7 — On the water instruction
  • Week 8 — On the water instruction
  • Week 9 — Bonus: New member fishing day